This week I am reviewing a great Canadian natural skin care product called Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray.

mineral-water-spray-royal-canadianI’ve been using it for a while and so I figured it was time for a review … so here is my Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray

Description: Bottle is Pretty and unassuming, in a simple white can with the Royal Canadian logo and a white cap. The description of the product is that it comes from the beautiful Province of Ontario, Canada, is 100% natural and made from Royal Canadian mineral water.

I have had this mineral water before and it was awesome, but hard to get hold of, they only do limited runs of the product, so I stock up whenever I can get it. The spray can is loaded with a super high pure Nitrogen and gives the spray a very cool effect on your skin, I think the other brands just use plain air and a lower grade nitrogen blend to save money.

Royal-Canadian-mineral-water-spray-This is not just your ole plain old mineral water BUT let me tell you, this stuff is awesome ! I love it. On hot summer days or a hot flash on my skin, this stuff calms my skin like our NY Fire Department puts out fires…fast !

There is no scent and I think the Selenium and beneficial minerals probably do a great job on your skin ,but I honestly think it is this super high nitrogen stuff that super cools the mineral water down, I have tried the other brands like Evian and Avene, but nothing compares to this baby. I think the Canadians got this product, bang on, maybe they package it in the frozen winter time, but it is like a blast of Canadian artic air on your skin during the hot stifling New York summer… pure bliss on hot day.

Generally, this is a staple products in my makeup kit and I recommend it, it is a good multitasking natural skin care product. Overall Grade: A

I will be reviewing different mineral makeup foundations next, going to head down to Sephora for a whip around and gather up the top selling items this summer and give them a try and write a makeup review in September.

Remember to always make your makeup cruelty free and wear sun screen…always, always, always wear sun screen or a very big hat this summer….

xoxoxo …  Love Taylor!

My next review is of: bareMinerals Original Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15